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Latest post 06-11-2009 9:54 AM by GlasgowMom. 27 replies.
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  • 04-28-2008 7:42 AM In reply to

    gov. gives there self a raise

    theres one thing i do know is ever time the gov. raise's the min. wage they get more money lot of people dont know this take a look at this example. person works 40hrs @ 5.85=234.00 now X 7.65% payroll tax= 17.90 now give this person a incress 40hrsx 6.55=200.45 x 7.65% tax =20.04 cool the gov. just gave them self a 2.14 raise per ever person in the U.S that makes min. wage.this is a 11% gp % rase man i wish i could do that. and this dosnt count the worksman comp. companies, insurance, and unemployement who charges % on the payroll and you wonder if the cost of things will go up HA. anyway thats why they make the big bucks good luck to the U.S
  • 05-26-2008 11:14 AM In reply to


    I own a grocery store in north eastern Kentucky. Since the wage increase it is amazing how grocery prices have gone up. Where is the benefit for the workers? I think tax credits for $5.85 per hours workers would make more of an inpact.
  • 07-01-2008 11:14 AM In reply to


    INCREASE OR NO INCREASE - IT WILL NOT MATTER! I have been seeking a suitable job for over a year now. I have over ten years experience in my field of work, and six years in a secondary field of work. Yet every interview I encountered had the same rate of pay which I started out with fifteen years ago! Seven or eight dollars an hour was fine when milk was only $1.89 a gallon. I am a divorced mother of two young children, whose military father conveniently evades child support. I could have burdened the tax payers further by receiving KTAP, but I choose to work and provide for my family. After all, I am a taxpayer too. What's your point, you might ask? The point is this: prices are going to continue to rise and keep rising, whether the there is an increase in wage or not. The ratio of increased consumer cost is much greater than the ratio of increased wages. If you don't agree, generate your own study of wage increase for a receptionist in Kentucky. My conclusion is that the minute increase in minimum wage will have no affect on my poor salary, yet prices will continue to rise nontheless.
  • 07-02-2008 4:01 AM In reply to

    Stop buying pointless stuff!

    Most people complain about the prices going up on things like bread and milk and of course gas yet most of these people keep buying DVDs at Wal-Mart and getting digital sattelite systems. Get rid of the pointless stuff and it'll be easier, not perfect but easier.
  • 07-18-2008 8:57 AM In reply to

    Look at the whole picture

    KY mom, you aren't looking at the whole picture. Sure, raising the min wage looks good to those getting it, but how do you think employers who provide goods and services in the min wage market will make up for having to increase their wage payout? They raise their prices ON TOP OF the price going up because of everything else, as you state in your post it does anyway. So, in effect, those who got a raise because of this legislation will pretty much see a negative net gain, while those that were above the min wage in the begining will see a net defecit. One move isn't isolated from the other as some seem to think.
  • 07-21-2008 4:50 AM In reply to

    mininum wage

    The idea that employers raise the costs of goods because of a usa mininum wage increase is total nonsense.They said that would happen the last several times the mininum wage was increase , and employers never raise the costs and prices on goods because of a mininum wage increase.This is same thing we always heard from people against mininum wages increases , they always fall back on there same as usual FEAR TACTICS , but no real facts to back it up.Costs of goods do not go up in prices because of a mininum wages increases.It other factors that cause the price of goods and food to go up in prices , and not the facts that the usa or states mininum wages were increase for the workers who need it the most , the poor/low income/less fortunate/home-less.
  • 08-27-2008 5:38 PM In reply to


    Another idiotic liberal idea to tax the small business man out of business. This dolt obviously never paid a salary to anyone or the mandatory tax on small business. People like this need the government to hold their hand and give them everything they need rather than work and compete and excel in life. I think this state mindedness failed for the soviets.
  • 08-27-2008 5:41 PM In reply to

    You got robbed...

    A college student unable to spell or create a proper sentence. Your professors must be proud of the job they did.
  • 09-15-2008 10:40 PM In reply to

    fuck yall

    F#$% all yall raise minimum wage
  • 10-23-2008 8:37 PM In reply to

    that lady talking about her 7 to 8 doller pay

    that lady talking about her pay of 7 and 8 dollers and 2 kids you are just lazy for not getting child suport and go get some damn food stamps its not hard just one paper to fill out 3 ppl in your house hold you should get about 400 dollers for food and if your a tax payer why not get something out of it ... DERRrrRRRRRrRRRrrrr
  • 06-03-2009 1:25 PM In reply to

    Re: 2007 Senate Bill 5 (Increase Kentucky minimum wage 41% by 2009)

     Food stamps are you kidding, you can't get food stamps unless you have NO JOB!!!! I have a family of 4 my husband was laid off work and he was getting $100.00 a week for unemployment and we didn't qualify. So for those of you who think it is so damn easy to get food stamp bugg off. You have to be of a minority group or living in a damn box to get any help from the government. Minimum wage should reflect the increase of the living cost in the states. hell no one can afford to just live anymore with the stupid doctor billsa and people stealing other poeples identy and than the big bail out we ALL have to pay for we are screwed. So lube up people and wake up we no longer have a free america it is a dictatorship. I am going to Canada.

  • 06-06-2009 12:47 AM In reply to

    Re: that lady talking about her 7 to 8 doller pay

    Well obviously the person who cannot correctly spell the simple word "dollar" must know what she is talking about. Glad to know my tax dollars are going to him or her.

  • 06-11-2009 9:54 AM In reply to

    Re: 2007 Senate Bill 5 (Increase Kentucky minimum wage 41% by 2009)

      I have to respond, because what you said is not true. A family of five with an income under $2000/month qualifies for food stamp assistance and medical cards for the children. Also, race is not a factor in determining eligibility for these programs.



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