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2009 House Bill 8: Expand and regulate prayer, religious activity in schools
Introduced by Rep. Melvin Henley (D) on January 6, 2009 To permit students in public schools to voluntarily express religious viewpoints in school assignments and to organize prayer groups, religious clubs, or religious gatherings before, during, and after school, to the same extent that students are permitted to organize other noncurricular student activities on school property. Also, to allow student-led prayers at school events, and require school districts to only allow students to give public prayers at graduation ceremonies who are either a student council member, sports team captain, senior class officer, academic high achiever, or who meet “neutral criteria” for being accorded a “position of honor,” or who are on a list of “student leaders” designated by the district. The bill also establishes explicit criteria for allowable content of all student graduation ceremony speeches.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Education Committee on January 7, 2009