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2007 House Bill 30: Create scholarship program for special needs children
Introduced by Rep. Stan Lee (R) on January 2, 2007 To establish the Students with Special Needs Scholarship Program to permit certain students to receive a scholarship to move from his or her resident public school to a participating school. The bill would define participating school as a public or nonpublic school that meets certain criteria and accepts the student for enrollment. The bill would set the maximum amount of the scholarship as an amount equal to the per pupil funding based on the average daily attendance and add-on funds for exceptional children that are allotted under the Support Education Excellence in Kentucky program. The bill would require the resident district to provide or pay for transportation for the student to attend the nonpublic participating school. Under the bill's terms, the Kentucky Board of Education would promulgate necessary administrative regulations to implement and manage the scholarship program.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Education Committee on January 3, 2007