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2006 House Bill 353: Provide for dispensation of emergency contraception
Introduced by Rep. Thomas J. Burch (D) on January 13, 2006 To provide that a practitioner may dispense an emergency contraceptive to women who may or may not be patients of the practitioner. The bill would provide that emergency contraceptives may be dispensed by a practitioner in compliance with standards adopted by the respective licensing authority for the practitioner. The bill would require the Board of Medical Licensure to establish standards by promulgation of administrative regulations relating to emergency contraceptives. The bill would permit a physician assistant to prescribe and administer an emergency contraceptive to the extent delegated by the supervising physician and in compliance with administrative regulations promulgated by the Board of Medical Licensure. The bill also would provide that an advanced registered nurse practitioner may prescribe and dispense an emergency contraceptive in compliance with standards established by the Board of Nursing through administrative regulation.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Health and Welfare Committee on January 17, 2006