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2008 House Bill 105: Taxpayer Transparency Act of 2008
Introduced by Rep. Jim DeCesare (R) on January 8, 2008 To require the Finance and Administration Cabinet to set up and maintain a single, searchable website containing identifying information about state Treasury expenditures and transfers in excess of $5000. The bill exempts from disclosure transfers between two state agencies or payments of government assistance to an individual. The bill allows the Finance and Administration Cabinet discretion to request additional information and requires all state agencies to comply with those requests. The bill requires the website to be available for public viewing by January 1, 2009 and requires all information for a fiscal year to be available on the website within thirty days of the end of each fiscal year. The bill makes no time requirement for posting of individual expenditures or transfers.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House State Government Committee on January 10, 2008