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2007 Senate Bill 152: Clarify individuals covered by public health plans
Introduced by Sen. Vernie McGaha (R) on February 12, 2007 To define a "public agency" as any agency participating in a state-administered retirement system or plan, any agency participating in the state health insurance plan, or an institution subject to the provisions of KRS Chapter 164; define "family member" as the employee's spouse, children, and children of the employee's spouse; require public agencies to only allow the employee to select health insurance coverage for the employee and family members of the employee.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the Senate State and Local Government Committee on February 13, 2007
Reported in the Senate on February 14, 2007 Favorably, 2nd reading, to Rules.
Passed 27 to 8 in the Senate on February 15, 2007.
    See Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No".
To define "family member" for purposes related to public health plans. This bill seeks to stop state universities and other entities from offering domestic partner benefits.
Received in the House on February 16, 2007
Referred to the House Health and Welfare Committee on February 22, 2007
Amendment offered by Rep. Robert R. Damron (D) on February 26, 2007 To add the employee's stepchildren by a legal marriage, the employee's children for whom legal guardianship has been awarded, children whom the employee or the employee's spouse has a legal obligation under a divorce decree or other court order to provide for their health care expenses, qualifying children claimed as dependents on the employee's federal tax return, and grandparents of the employee or the employee's spouse who are claimed as dependents on the employee's federal tax return as qualifying relatives.